"Starts on a roll and never lets up."
        --Eli James, Novelr
"An involving mystery [...] Dunlap infuses his story with such rich and interesting details."

Mind & Body is being rewritten

For the last several months I have slowly been re-writing the story from top-to-bottom. There will be a few plot changes, but nothing gigantic. The current version is still available to download for free, and I don't discourage you from reading it, I just (in all my vanity) want you to be aware that what you'll be reading isn't what I consider a final product.

It will probably still be a number of months before I finish, so I don't recommend waiting. Go ahead, read the current version, just try to ignore the grammar problems and plot holes.

Why Offer My Book For Free?

A few reasons.

For one, so I won't be a hypocrite. I read a lot of books, and from time to time if I'm not sure about a certain book or if I can't find it in print, I'll try to find an ebook version of it to download... which is almost always illegal. To not offer readers of my book the same luxury I'd like of every other book would be pretty crummy of me.

Also, it can't hurt me. A digital copy of my book costs me nothing. If someone who doesn't read my book and someone who reads my book for free have the same financial impact on me, why shouldn't I motivate members of the former group to join the latter? Books sell by word-of-mouth, and the more people reading my stuff, the better.

All of the following ebook downloads are completely legal and offered under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike license.

Download For Not-So-Free

Below this section you will find free ebook downloads that will work in most ebook readers. However, I do offer a few ways to buy ebooks through proprietary ebook stores.

I offer these for two reasons: first, some people might just prefer to use these ebook stores because they're easy; second, some people might just be crazy and want to contribute a few bucks to me for being awesome.

You can purchase the ebook from the following stores:

Amazon: For the Amazon Kindle reader.
Mobipocket Store: For PDAs, Blackberry, and most eBook devices.

Note that eBook store purchases will contain DRM.

Download Options

There are a ton of different ebook formats out there. I have created files in the most common and versatile formats. If you would like to convert these to one of your favorite formats not already listed and email it to me, I'll post it here.

  • PDF eBook
    This PDF version can be read on your computer, printed, or converted to most other eBook formats. It contains the formatting and pagination of the printed book.
  • HTML eBook
    Can be viewed in a web browser, printed, or viewed on many eBook devices like the Kindle. Easiest to convert to other eBook formats. Contains chapter links and some markup, but little formatting.
  • Mobipocket eBook (PRC)
    Preferred format for Mobipocket software used on PDAs and computers. Based on HTML version.
  • Plaintext eBook (TXT)
    For h4rdc0r3 people. Contains no formatting. Has wacky unix line breaks that makes Notepad cry. I don't know why anybody would want this, but here it is.

Also available is a torrent file containing all of the above versions.

None of these eBooks contain DRM.

Even More Download Options

A site called manybooks has several ebook formats available for free download. Since I didn't make them, I can't vouch for them, but they all seem fine to me.

You can also read the book online via manybooks if you'd like. Or access this link from your mobile phone.